How much do you love cozying up under a beautiful, warm quilt? The Friends of Carl Sandburg are pleased to offer you a chance to win a quilt (pictured) that was produced by Beth Berglin, a local Flat Rock quilter, and finished at the Sheridan Kay Quilting Studio.  All materials, time and equipment usage were donated, and we extend a very special thanks to them for turning this project into reality. More details and information on how to purchase tickets by clicking here.

Our 2021 Glassy Mountain Celebration is underway and we are excited to invite you to join in the celebration with us! Our central theme celebrates the natural beauty of Connemara’s landscape and views. Each day, local residents and visitors from all over the world enjoy this special glimpse of Western North Carolina. The Friends of Carl Sandburg could think of no better way to honor the Sandburg legacy than to dedicate our celebration to a trail they loved and traveled often- Big Glassy. We have many events planned and hope that you will check back here, or on our Facebook and Instagram pages, frequently for updates.
Our 2021 Glassy Mountain Celebration wraps up on October 9 with our finale at Dry Falls Brewing in Hendersonville. Bring your family and friends, and share your favorite stories and photos of Big Glassy and Connemara. We’ll have a special Big Glassy brew and commemorative glasses available for purchase. There will also be a food truck and more! Click below for more information and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Friends of Carl Sandburg at Connemara, Inc. (FOCS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the National Park Service to promote, protect and preserve the legacy of Carl Sandburg.

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We hold and sponsor several fun events and activities for the whole family throughout the year. Click here and follow us on Facebook for information on upcoming events and more .  (Click to read more) …

To learn more about visiting the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site and the works of Carl Sandburg,  click here to be directed to the National Park Service web site.

Our many supporters both individuals and businesses who are committed to the Friends’ mission. They, through farsightedness and generosity, seek to ensure that the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site will continue to be available for future generations.

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